2,269 COVID-19 Cases and 48 Deaths In US So Far, And We Have 222,000 Flu Cases and 22,000 Flu Deaths In US This Season

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on Friday, the most significant move yet by the U.S. government to head off the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump’s declaration came as many public and private institutions have taken action — including canceling major events, temporarily banning large gatherings, closing schools and telling people to work from home — in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled, soared, and then closed with a gain of 1,900 points after the emergency declaration. Wall Street had reeled Thursday afternoon after coronavirus fears drove the markets to their worst day since the Black Monday crash in 1987.

The United States as of Friday afternoon had 1864 confirmed or presumptive cases of the coronavirus, and the death toll climbed to 41.

Colorado announced its first coronavirus death on Friday, bringing the national death toll to 43. The current mortality rate in the US is 2.2%.

But everyone seems to forget that the fly took more lives, a lot more to be precise.

While health officials in the United States wait to see just how bad a public health challenge COVID-19 will pose, they still have to deal with an all-too-familiar challenge: flu.

It’s been a bad flu season. Not the worst ever, but bad.

“It started very early this year,” says Emily Martin, associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. She works with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collecting statistics about flu.

This year’s flu season started picking up steam around Thanksgiving.

The CDC doesn’t test everyone who has flu symptoms to be certain they really have flu, rather than some other viral infection. Still, the CDC estimates are reckoned to be pretty accurate, and they are updated regularly.

There have been 222,000 confirmed flu cases in the US this season.
And there have been 22,000 flu deaths this flu season.

There were 144 children who died from the flu this season.

This chart comes from the CDC.
It shows weekly flu numbers and seasonal flu numbers.

This morning Dr. Anthony Fauci was on Fox and said that 80% of the people who get Corona will suffer little to no symptoms and return to good health rather quickly. The remaining 20% are generally older people or people with underlying health problems.

The problem becomes when the -Rate- of people being affected with serious (like bilateral pneumonia) conditions Exceeds the capacity of US hospitals to deal with it.

If that happens, the deaths skyrocket. So the Rate needs to be slowed down.

It’s, essentially, a lab-made common cold (with an HIVspike protein added on) that no one has ever had before. Across 3 large waves, nearly 6 billion people will catch this. Most will be just fine, But, they can go around wrecking the weak and old without realizing it.

So, by Slowing the Rate of infections, the number of serious (potentially fatal) cases, at any particular moment, becomes lowered .. potentially by as much as 95%.

Calm down people we gonna be just fine.

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