1993 Clinton Letter To Jeff Sessions Surfaces – Mainstream Media Will not Like This

The liberal media was furious after President Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, fired 46 attorneys appointed by the Obama Administration.

Every administration has the right and the prerogative to have its own appointees in seats of power.

We’ve seen this time and time again, regardless of who the President is.

But it’s ONLY when that President is Donald J. Trump that the media loses its collective mind.

For example, the media’s extreme bias is showing when you take a look at what we just dug up: A 1993 letter from former President Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno, to then-Attorney Jeff Sessions.

Attorney General Janet Reno fired 93 U.S. attorneys (holdovers from the Reagan and George H.W. Bush days), leaving only one in New Jersey spared. This was in 1993 – the first year of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Here’s the letter:

Yes, the Department of Justice just fired 46 US attorneys, and the media would have you believe that this is an outrage, unlike any other.

It’s become customary to treat Trump’s presidency as though everything he does is unique to him alone. A painting that sort of picture allows anger to foster in those who don’t remember the past.

But the hatred from the left and the media towards Trump has caused these lunatics to lose their minds and freak out like a mob of freaks.

Look, Obama did the same damn thing. Why? Because he had a different agenda than George W. Bush. Why would he leave Bush appointees in when he could appoint left-wing radicals that supported Hussein’s mission?

And check this little factoid out.

In March 1993, Janet Reno began her tenure as President Bill Clinton’s attorney general by summarily firing United States attorneys for 93 of the 94 federal districts.

So why the left is attacking Donald Trump?

Editor’s Note: This particular story was popular at the time it originally made the news and is circulating again a second time for the important and applicable message that’s relevant today.

Alex Hall

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