250 Teachers Sign Up for 50 Seats at Concealed Carry Training Session In Just 24 Hours

Butler County, Ohio, Sheriff Richard K. Jones provide a “common sense” solution to school shootings. He offered free concealed carry training for 50 teachers and 250 teachers responded within 24 hours. On Sunday, Butler County, Ohio, Sheriff Richard K. Jones announced on its Facebook account that he received over 50 emails in 20 minutes.


Fox 91 reported the response had jumped to 250 teachers who wanted training. Jones reveled in the opportunity to instruct them, saying, “We have 250 and growing fast. We will start training fast, next week.”

He pointed that he wants teachers to understand what they can do with a gun if an armed attacker enters the classroom. And even though he cannot delegate the authority for teachers to carry on a given campus–that is a school board decision–Jones said he wants the teachers to be ready if their school board so chooses.

He said: “If the school boards want to give the authority to teachers to be armed…[they] can do that, they have the authority to do it, but I’m going to do my part, and I assume I’m probably the only one in the state of Ohio that’s doing that – but something has to happen.”

Days after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas high school in which a deranged gunman killed and injured multiple people, a junior ROTC student Colton Haab also said that the shooter would have been stopped if coach Feis had his firearm at school.

This is how it should be. Deeds, not words. Want to stop school shootings? This is how you stop them. Educate, train, arm = give kids a chance.
It’s nice to know that there are at least 250 teachers in this country that aren’t liberal retards. I think the number will grow, too. No teacher wants to see the children he/she is responsible for murdered before their eyes, and they don’t want to be murdered themselves. It’s just tragic that it has had to come to this, all thanks to PC politicians who won’t take dangerous people out of society UNTIL they do kill someone.

Do you think teachers if properly trained and licensed, should be allowed to conceal carry at their workplace?

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Natalie D.

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