A Woman Wearing A “Trump” Hat And “Pro Life” Shirt Charges At “Patriot Front”- The Police Protect Them And Arrest The Woman Who Was Visibly Bloody

The Khaki-clad Federal Patriot Front group was out protesting again today — This time at the March for Life in Washington DC.

Two weeks ago this mysterious khaki-clad group showed up at the Chicago March for Life for some reason.

They coordinated their actions and were protected and escorted by the police:

There are other posts that say they were not at the front of the main group, but to the side where they were seen by the crowds and media

While there were police along the streets, there were extra deployed to protect this group.

Such a “nice” image of support to be associated with the march for life again, and captured by the media.

A woman wearing a “Trump” hat and “Pro Life” shirt ran across the police line at the Patriot Front fascist group, and was pulled down by cops.

They arrested her, taking what appeared to be a taser in her possession.

She was visibly bloody.

MPD’s Commander Robert Glover spoke to avowed fascist Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau.

Glover seemed frustrated at the groups path, asking “What do you want?”

After Rousseau clarified, Commander Glover said “So the original plan?”

Rousseau: “Yes!”

Glover: “Okay.”

Here is only half of the March For Life rally crowd:

But the media decided to talk only about “Patriot Front being there!

In spite of all that there seems to be little media interest in digging deep to find out what’s really going on with this group and who its members are. There is, however, plenty of interest in videos that purport to show Patriot Front members using Nazi language and gestures. One that is said to have been leaked is making the rounds. Does this seem staged, or authentic?

Many people are assuming the video is authentic, but others aren’t so convinced there isn’t a lot more to what’s going on:

What do you think?

Alex Hall

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