Actor James Woods Rips ‘Comedian’ Michelle Wolf in Epic Tweetstorm

A lot of people found Daily Show contributor Michelle Wolf’s attacks at Sarah Huckabee Sanders during the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night to be vile and despicable. Conservative actor James Woods also expressed his opinion about Wolf’s performance in an epic tweetstorm.

Via Gateway Pundit: “James Woods tweeted called Michelle Wolf “ low-class trash” in response to Matt Drudge asking why Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway didn’t walk out as Wolf trashed them:

Woods blasted the WHCD Association President:

James Woods says Republican women running for office should use the clip of Wolf trashing Sarah Sanders in their campaigns:

James Woods then blasted lefty New York Times Maggie Haberman:

Truth bomb: Michelle Wolf couldn’t even memorize her ‘jokes’.

And in the grand finale, James Woods tweeted out a picture of Michelle Wolf without makeup on… YIKES!

Go, James Woods!! It is so good we have him on our side! Never stop hammering these lowlifes…

The Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner last night was a travesty for our country in a number of ways, and the comedienne that was the centerpiece for the dinner was one of the crudest and most despicable attempt at humor that I have seen anywhere let alone on national television.

Michelle Wolf is a disgrace to herself, comedians, our country…humor isn’t funny when it is mean-spirited, cruel, and racially motivated!!! I guess Wolf got what she wanted, which was publicity for her new show, and we got what we wanted, which is more exposure of liberal hypocrisy and overall general meanness.

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Natalie D.

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