After Successfully Removing One Conservative Host , David Hogg Now Turns On A Fast Food Chain

One of the outspoken and articulate Florida shooting survivors that has been defending the FBI and blaming President Trump for what happened, appears to have some invested interest in the subject. David Hogg is that student, and his father is a retired FBI agent. No wonder the young man came to the defense of the FBI, who clearly mishandled previous warnings they had on the shooter.

They also used this to push for their liberal agenda on gun control!

David Hogg become some sort of celebrity he tried to get conservative TV host Laura Ingraham and he failed but “The Allman Report” host Jamie Allman wasn’t that lucky.

Sinclair Broadcast Group, which has come under fire for bashing its fellow media in promotional spots, confirmed to CNN that Jamie Allman has tendered his resignation and his nightly show, which ran on KDNL in St. Louis, has been canceled.

But that wasn’t enough!
David Hogg called out twelve companies who had advertising deals on the Fox News show in response to a tweet Ingraham posted last Wednesday, in which she mocked the teenager for having been rejected by four University of California colleges.

The boycott had an effect. At least 10 sponsors have pulled their support from “The Ingraham Angle” after the host mocked Parkland, Fla., school shooting survivor David Hogg over his college rejections.

But luckily for us despite a concerted left drive to oust Laura using their typical bullying agenda and not so smart student, Fox News stepped up to the plate and smashed them both out of the park.

Ingram apologized, but Hogg rebuffed the apology and the battle between the two continues.

Companies including Wayfair, TripAdvisor, Nutrish, and Nestlé have canceled their ads with Ingram.

Via The Daily Caller: Now David Hogg is seeking reparations from one of America’s most beloved fast food chains.
In a series of tweets late Thursday evening hog went after Arby’s for their advertising on Ingraham’s show. Hogg went as far as to publish the private names and emails of executives at Arby’s to pressure them into pulling their advertisements.

The tweets have since been deleted but the screen grab above was captured by Business Insider.

Multiple influential followers of Hogg followed suit, tweeting Arby’s executive board information.”

Arby’s did not immediately respond on whether they will decide to remove their ads from her show! But if they decide to remove ads, we sure will know what to do next. People will never do business with the companies that have pulled advertising over this clown again.

David Hogg needs to get a grip. He has NO authority to demand anything! He is a puppet who thinks he has power. Hopefully, he’s about done with his rampage. I can’t believe the progressive lefties are using politically weaponized children as shields. On second thought, I guess I’m not that surprised.

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