Alan Dershowitz Slams James Comey For Writing The “Worst Possible Book At The Worst Possible Time” (VIDEO)

On Friday, Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” where he slammed James Comey for writing the “worst possible book at the worst possible time for the worst possible reasons.”

Dershowitz said: “I used to have a good feeling about Comey I met him a few times when he was in Boston. I now have only very strong negative feelings about him and he just enhances the suspicion that I think so many Americans now have of the law enforcement, and we ought to be trusting law enforcement. And, nobody today would trust Comey with secrets or confidences.”

That’s not the only thing Dershowitz had to say about the former FBI director.

“This is a gossipy, revenge, make money quick, get even, hurt your political opponents, raise questions about the politicization of the Justice Department and the FBI. It’s the worst possible book at the worst possible time for the worst possible reasons.”

“It’s scandalous and shameful and I’m disappointed with him,” Dershowitz also said.

James Comey, professor of ethics at St Mary’s. How sad. No credibility. This man gives the FBI a bad name. It’s pretty clear how the FBI is and was run. If they did not like you then they had a plan in place to get you. The facts are hard to fathom that this could happen to America. It all started with Obama who used every dept as a political weapon and installed pylons to make sure they were followed.

But, now Comey sees his career and reputation disintegrating right before his eyes and he can’t stop the train. So fearful he is actually expediting the process.

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