What Archaeologists Put on Display Has Bible Believers Saying “I Told You So” to Atheists

No proof is needed to validate the deity of God or the nature of Christianity. However the more we trust in our God the more he rewards us with proof of His great love for us. Belief in Jesus doesn’t come through archaeological discoveries, although they may be nice to have.

Via Conservative Tribune:

“In the seventh chapter of Genesis, a flood that covered mountains and destroyed virtually all mankind and most of the earth’s living creatures are described in some detail.

In addition to the biblical account, virtually every culture records this flood in one form or another in myths and legends of various sorts.

And so, some can now argue, does the fossil record.

In what the U.K. Daily Mail called “one of the driest regions of the world, receiving just a few inches of rain a year,” the fossilized remains of two now-extinct whale species were discovered. They were put on display in an open-air museum back in 2015.

Whale bones are probably not what one would first expect to see during a tour of the Egyptian Sahara Desert, but there they are.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect the secularists to explain how the presence of the bones in the arid desert point to the accuracy of the biblical flood story. They will, in fact, work long and hard to invent unprovable — and thus, unscientific — theories explaining how they got there.”

Incredible evidence continuing to come forward, but there still are people who doubt and deny the truth. Archaeologists have uncovered massive evidence for the biblical flood, and now they’re putting it on display for all the world to see. This is a nightmare for people who say the Bible is just a book of myths and legends.

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Alex Hall

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