BREAKING! Black Lives Matter leader Is Dead After He Was Shot In New Orleans

President Donald Trump has accused the Black Lives Matter movement of “dividing America” amid renewed tensions surrounding police brutality and race relations while suggesting he identified with African Americans who felt as though the system was stacked against them.

He came under heavy attack because of this from the fake liberal media but we all know that he was right!

I am sure the liberal media will attack president Trump again because a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement died early Wednesday morning in New Orleans after being shot in the thigh, according to multiple reports.

Muhiyidin Elamin Moye, 32, was shot in the thigh while riding a bicycle, police told The New Orleans Advocate.

Moye was reportedly found early Wednesday and taken to a hospital, where he died hours later. Police are investigating the shooting, which has been ruled a homicide, according to Charleston’s Live5 News.

Other circumstances surrounding the shooting, including a possible motive, were unclear.

Moye, who also went by the name Muhiyidin d’Baha and was known to family and friends as “Moya,” drew national attention for his activism after he jumped over a police tape barrier to take a Confederate flag from a demonstrator in Charleston in 2016.

More than two years earlier, the activist was arrested after being removed from a North Charleston city council meeting for disorderly conduct after reportedly disrupting the meeting.

Alex Hall

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