BREAKING: President Trump Just Made A Surprise Visit To The NYPD And FDNY On The 20th Anniversary Of 9/11 And Made A Huge 2024 Announcement (Video)

Trump said on Friday that he will travel to Manhattan, New York City on Saturday to pay his respects at the site of the World Trade Center.

Trump had been tight-lipped about whether he would commemorate the tragedy. On Thursday, the New Jersey Globe reported that the ex-president would visit the site of the World Trade Center early Saturday afternoon, following the conclusion of the formal ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

“We are not commenting on the President’s movements at this time,” a spokesman for Trump’s office told The Post Saturday morning.

This timing means Trump will avoid any chance of bumping into his successor as Biden will have departed New York by this time to attend ceremonies in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon.

And as soon as Biden left Trump arrived to honor the victims of the greatest terrorist attack on our country!


First, he was greeted by the NY firefighters after his surprise visit!

Video below:

He also made a surprise visit to the NYPD and FDNY on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and made a statement in support of the police officers.

Video below:

But just a moment ago in the same room, Trump made a huge announcement!

According to the Independent former president, Donald Trump told New York City Police Department officers “you’re going to be very happy” after he was asked if he intends to run for president in 2024.

“Oh, that’s a tough question,” he told officers at the 17th precinct near the site of the World Trade Center collapse as the city mourned the victims of the 11 September, 2001 attacks during 20th anniversary ceremonies. “Actually, it’s an easy question.”

He claimed that campaign finance laws prevent him from announcing whether he intends to run.

“But I think you’re going to be very happy,” he added.

Video below:

Trump has heaped criticism on Biden in recent weeks over the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban and the chaotic withdrawal of US forces from the country after 20 years of war — precipitated by the events of 9/11.

“It is very depressing,” Trump told Fox News Friday of his feelings on the anniversary. “This was supposed to be a day of victory. Now it is a day of embarrassment. How do you have this happen?”

“I think Biden rushed it [the Afghan pullout] to try to claim victory,” the former president added, “and now, he looks like a fool.”

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