Brittany Hughes Schools Jim Acosta On ‘Why Trump Voters Hate the Media’ In The Most Epic Way Possible! (VIDEO)

I am sure that the only reason CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta went to Trump’s rally was that he knew he would draw that type of reaction from Trump fans. Then he could use it as a weapon against Trump supporters and that is exactly what he does.

So, yesterday Acosta demanded White House press secretary Sarah Sanders denounce the president’s “enemy of the people” rhetoric about the media. Funny, he wasn’t concerned with “rhetoric” when he and the other journalists emboldened Antifa to assault people. He only cares now. But, where was his “let’s be civil ” attitude with crazy pants, Maxine Waters?!

This is why on Thursday, “Reality Check” Brittany Hughes, gave the accurate description for Acosta latest attack on Sarah Sanders.

Hughes said: “CNN’s Jim Acosta just cannot figure out why half the country can’t stand the media. Maybe it’s because they’ve spent the better part of three years calling all Trump voters nazi racists who hate black people and want all the immigrants to die.”

After her introduction, Hughes continued to slam Acosta:

“Jim Acosta over at CNN is clutching his pearls, trying desperately to figure out why half of America absolutely hates his guts. Why? Well, because some people at a rally hurt his itty bitty baby feelings the other day and he tweeted about it.

Well, since you are honestly so dense that you can’t figure this out by yourself, Jimmy, I will help you out. See, this is what happens when you spend the better part of three years calling millions of people racists, Nazis, Klansmen, and bigots.

“[This is what happens] when you accuse them all of supporting Hitler just because they backed a candidate you didn’t like; when you say it was because they hate all black people or Muslims or refugees or immigrants or gays or the poor. It’s what happens when you let high school anti-gun activists plant their skinny little butts on your panels and call all six million NRA members child murderers with exactly zero pushback; when you accuse people of being transphobic just because they think that boys are boys and girls are girls.

It’s what happens when you immediately blame a newspaper shooting on right-wingers with no proof, or spread baseless rumors about Trump’s Supreme Court pick with no proof, or tell outright lies about what’s happening at our southwest border. It’s what happens when you falsely accuse Republicans of shoving migrant kids into concentration camps, but you don’t say a word whenever an American gets t-boned by a drunk illegal alien without a driver’s license who blew through a stop sign; or whenever they find a body in a ditch that MS-13 gang bangers have hacked up with a machete. It’s what happens when you lie.

The media has spent the last two, almost three years calling Trump voters a bunch of hood-wearing, cross-burning racist child murderers, and you honestly wonder why they don’t like you showing up to their rallies? Why they might boo you and holler at you to tell the truth?’

Outstanding because it’s true! Brittany Hughes disagrees with Jim Acosta and we agree with her.

Yes, Acosta deserves everything he gets. He has no class and shows zero respect for the office of the presidency and conservatives in general. Basically, he’s been writing this check with his mouth for months. He isn’t just distrusted, he’s *disliked* by some potential customers.

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Natalie D.

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