Brutal Video From California Shows What Happens When A Mob Of 40 Teens Attack Two Marines

A video has made the rounds on Twitter showing two off-duty Marines surrounded and physically assaulted by a group of teenagers at San Clemente Pier over Memorial Day weekend.

The video, from Friday, May 26, shows the two Marines in the center of a group of 15 or more teenagers who are punching and kicking the two victims. At some point in the video the two victims were on the ground in the fetal position when a couple comes in to break up the fight.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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According to an Instagram post from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrived on scene where victims refused medical treatment.

No arrests have been made at this time.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Department will continue investigating this matter until all individuals responsible are identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said a May 28 Instagram post from the sheriff’s department.

In the meantime, the sheriff’s department said they have increased patrol check-ins in and around the pier at this time.

San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan told KCAL, “Look, this is San Clemente, Marines are always welcome here, always gonna be celebrated, always be taken care of. And that’s why this is so particularly tragic.”

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