Bush- Hate Professor Posted Fake Number Online, Causing Crisis Hotline To Become Flooded With Calls

Fresno State Associate Professor, Randa Jarrar cheered the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush on Tuesday from her verified, ‘blue checkmark’ Twitter account.

The hateful professor at Fresno State, however, cheered Mrs. Bush’s death then doubled down and wished for the ‘rest of the Bush family to fall to their demise.’

But, if you thought this is the worse this hate-filled Muslim professor could do, then you are wrong.

Via Fox News: “One user posting her Fresno State email address and phone number. In response, Jarrar said she hadn’t yet activated her work number and posted a different one instead.

“If you really wanna reach me, here’s my number ok?” the tenured professor said.

But the number she gave out was fake and was really connected to a 24-hour crisis hotline at Arizona State University. It is run by EMPACT, a suicide prevention center.

According to the Arizona Republic, the hotline was “inundated with phone calls.” While it normally receives about five calls per week, it was still getting between 50 to 70 calls an hour by Wednesday, an ASU spokesperson told the newspaper.

The spokesperson said it does not appear that Jarrar has any affiliation with the university, located hundreds of miles away from Fresno.

ASU said that the excess of calls to the hotline did not seem to have blocked anyone from receiving help who actually needed it. But Lori Prentice, who runs an in-home homeless ministry, told the newspaper that Jarrar giving out the phone number was a “kick in the teeth” for people who work with others dealing with crisis.

“There is a strong probability that someone who finally found the courage to contact the suicide hotline couldn’t get through due to Jarrar’s caustic misdirection,” Prentice said.”

This is what evil looks like. And, just when you think liberals can’t sink any lower….they do. Putting a mental health hotline, depriving people who need immediate help, as her number. She should be arrested for handing out a number of a crisis hotline and calling it her own… causing thousands of “false reports” and putting people in jepardy that need help.

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Natalie D.

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