California’s Pro-Open Borders AG: ‘We Will Prosecute’ Employers Who Cooperate with Federal Immigration Officials

I never dreamed of America getting to this radical time, California should become its own country.

In a press conference on Thursday, the pro-open borders attorney general warned California employers of new state laws that barred businesses from providing information on illegal aliens to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency that would aid in deportations.

Becerra said:

There are new laws in place in California now in 2018 with the advent of 2018. I mentioned two of them specifically, AB 450 and SB 54. AB 450 in particular deals with the workplace in particular and how we go about treating the information about the workplace and employees at the workplace by employers.What we’re trying to make sure is that employers are aware that in 2018, there is a new law in place.

We will prosecute those who violate [California] law.

Under AB 450, employers are banned from having to reverify an employees’ immigration status that is not required by federal immigration law. Likewise, the law bans employers from “providing voluntary consent to an immigration enforcement agent to enter nonpublic areas of a place of labor unless the agent provides a judicial warrant, except as specified.”

Under SB 54, as Breitbart News reported, California is a “sanctuary state,” which bans public officials and employers from turning over criminal illegal aliens to federal immigration officials.

Then it looks like California no longer needs an attorney general then because they’ve become a dictatorship and No longer follow federal laws of this country.

American citizens who’re following the law will be prosecuted but an illegal is free to continue breaking the law. I say Bizarro world.

Now, Californians simply need to challenge that law and actually assist federal immigration officials. Let the state try to prosecute them.Then, there will be a damage that can be adjudicated for relief in Federal courts.

The State of California will just love it when the Supreme Court starts issuing mandates for the relief of the citizens and basically making the state government its jumping jack. It will be like busing in the South in the 60’s. Won’t that be fun?

Alex Hall

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