One Of California’s Biggest Employers Tells The State ‘Enough Is Enough’ Announces Plans To Leave The State One & For All

California is soon going to be full of bankrupt ghost towns. And the rest will deteriorate in floods and mudslides because they have squandered money on illegal immigrants that should have been used to upgrade infrastructures. The idiot libs asked for this but it’s really sad for the good people of California, and there are many. They’ve just been overshadowed by coastal pockets of wealthy liberals, spearheaded by Hollywood creeps.

According to an article from Investor’s Business Daily, Nestle is leaving the state of California and moving to Virginia to get away from the liberal state. Nestle’s headquarters is moving from Glendale, California which is near Los Angeles to Rosslyn, Virginia which is near Washington D.C.

Sticking to its ignorant true-self, an official from Glendale, California said that Nestle’s departure was “no big deal,” and was actually an opportunity for them as the company moves thousands of jobs away from the area.

From IBD:

Nestle USA is moving its headquarters from Glendale, Calif., a pocket suburb just miles from downtown Los Angeles, to Rosslyn, Va., near Washington, D.C., and taking 1,200 California jobs with it. Why? As many companies have found, California is an awful place to do business.

The $26-billion-a-year food conglomerate is discreet, of course, about its reasons, citing a desire to be closer to its core customers and another bland corporate pabulum. But the fact is, Nestle and its corporate brethren in California that actually make things are overtaxed and overregulated, and elected officials treat them not as honored members of the community but as rapacious pirates…

…Still, you may wonder, why did Nestle really go?

Well, apart from having higher taxes, absurd housing costs and more regulations than nearly any other state, California’s wacky laws have turned the Golden State into a venue of choice for activist groups to file costly class action lawsuits — or to launch anti-corporate PR campaigns against big, wealthy targets like Nestle.

Nestle is far from the first major company to leave California over the state’s increasingly liberal policies. According to a report released last year by Spectrum Location Solutions, Nestle joins a list of 1,680+ companies to leave the state since 2008.

Let’s face it California is turning into Mexico2, all the business leaves no jobs all the illegals will be there and most will be on welfare because there are no jobs besides restaurants, but how are people going to support restaurants when there no jobs unless welfare pays that well that you can eat out.

We had eight years of democratic liberalism and look what that got the country. California is a good example of total Democratic control. Remember that in 2018!

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