Video: Why Don’t We Put White People On an Island to Reduce Their Population? Comedian Gets Gold-Worthy Reply with No Comeback

Comedian Hans Kim has gone viral for a joke he made about Matthew Perry weeks after the Friends star’s death on October 28.

The comic, who has 50,000 followers on TikTok, posted a clip of his stand up routine to the video site.

In it, he tells a joke about Perry’s death, just weeks after the beloved TV star suffered an apparent drowning at his LA home.

Kim – who has opened for Joe Rogan and Tony Hinchcliffe, according to his website – said: ‘Sad to hear that the great Matthew Perry died alone in a hot tub. For a guy on a show called friends he could have used a couple.’


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Who knew the opening credits were his cry for help,’ he continued, talking of the opening scene of the sitcom where the cast dance together in a water fountain.

Fans were outraged, as many echoed the sentiment of one user who wrote: ‘Too soon.’

Someone else asked: ‘This is suppose to be funny?’

‘I just watched a sad memorial video about him and scroll down to this 😭,’ wrote another, while someone else chimed in with: ‘This is DESPICABLE.’

But after that stupid joke he decide to go on a racist rant that also didn’t end well for him!

Hans Kim: “Why don’t we put white people on an island so we reduce their population?”

The reply is gold. He had no comeback because it’s true.

Video below:

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