Communist Antifa Leader Encourage People To Steal Goods From Stores During Coronavirus Panic (Video)

We’re beginning to see what was really going on with all those closed-down WalMarts.

Corona Virus is just an excuse; we went through this same hysteria with the Swine Flu epidemic of 1976 and again with the TEOTWAWKI of Y2K. And Avian Flu, and SARS and a dozen other crises.

Yes, follow commonsense practices for hygiene, take care of yourself. Seek medical help if necessary. Do NOT surrender to fear.
Fear is our biggest enemy.
Videos that surfaced in the last few days show us how our mainstream media managed to convince Americans to fight each other for toilet papers.

All great American patriots including President Trump asked us to stay calm.

But what about the left and the far-left leaders.

They are now encouraging people to shoplift and loot as the coronavirus panic continues to sweep the nation.

As the Post Millennial reported Trevino is an author published by Commune Editions, a communist poetry imprint of AK Press, a pro-antifa publishing house that has published pro-anarchist works like Full Spectrum Resistance, and Andrew Marantz’s Anti-Social: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of American Conversation, a book touted by leftist journalists that calls for a return to media gatekeeping and the suppression of free speech online.

Despite significant pushback, the tweet went viral with over 18 thousand retweets and 110 thousand likes, receiving widespread support from some likeminded social arsonists.

Society teeters on the brink of cascading system failure, and characters like Wendy Trevino are more than eager to nudge the tipping point towards disaster.

The bigger problem is that a lot of people seem to support her.

Of course, these people are Bernie supporters.

Here’s an example of a situation where a security guard almost lost his life when a person tried to steal from a store during this “China virus” histeria:

If you see people shoplifting right now, you can perform a citizen’s arrest and restrain them until law enforcement arrives. If they try to resist, remember you can defend yourself with deadly force if necessary.

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