Democratic Senator Signals An Unconditional Surrender On Immigration Deal

When Trump sticks to the plan that got him elected he can’t be beaten.

On CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Senior Senate Democrat Dick Durbin (IL) said that legislators are unlikely to reach a deal on the Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) before the president’s March deadline, but that Democrats will not force a second government shutdown over the impasse.

Durbin told host Jake Tapper: “There is not likely to be a DACA deal, though we’re working every single day on telephone calls and person-to-person to try to reach this bipartisan agreement. I don’t see a government shutdown coming.”

Via Daily Wire: “This leaves Democrats with few options — and no leverage — going into the final weeks of negotiations over an immigration deal that they were, by all accounts, poised to ink with the president. But earlier in January, the deal broke down, reportedly over an included stipulation that would have given indefinite amnesty to parents of DACA recipients even though those parents knowingly violated U.S. immigration law.

When Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) realized he’d lost Republican cooperation, he ordered his colleagues to filibuster a continuing resolution on the budget, sending the government into a three-day shutdown. But having lost the media, and activists in both the middle and on the far left, Schumer caved to the president’s shutdown deal and ordered his colleagues to negotiate on the budget and on immigration separately.

But now, it seems that while budget negotiations are going smoothly, immigration negotiations aren’t seeing the same success. And Durbin’s interview seems to indicate an unconditional surrender on the issue.

“We’re making real progress,” Durbin said. “I want to salute the moderates in both the Republicans’ and Democratic caucuses in the Senate. I do see a promise by Sen. McConnell to finally bring this critical issue that effects the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in America, finally bringing it to a full debate in the Senate. That’s what we were looking for when there was a shutdown. We have achieved that goal. We’re moving forward.”

They’re lying in a bed of their own making. This is what shutting down the government, working full time for non-citizens (on the taxpayer’s dime no less), and sitting in protest of every American success story in Trump’s SOTU has achieved for them.

Democrats are in a mess because their own polls show few support illegals over citizens. The SOTU was the Dems Waterloo. The SOTU speech by Trump showed the entire nation what the Dems stand (sit) for. They are against the rule of law, Citizens of U.S, military, tax cuts, border security, jobs, and much more. It was a disaster for Dems and they know it now. If they fight for illegals, they’ll be destroyed in the Nov. elections. The Democrats sense they squandered their support by their own political miscalculations.

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Natalie D.

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