Democrats Just Unveiled Their Plan to Prevent Trump From Holding a Military Parade

Trump had requested a military parade and the Pentagon is working on parade options for him.

The Left and the mainstream media had a hysterical reaction to President Trump wanting to hold a parade to honor the U.S. military.

But they didn’t stop there they even created a plan to prevent this military parade!
Two Democratic lawmakers are introducing legislation in the House and Senate that would block federal funds from being used to pay for President Trump’s reported plan to hold a military parade.

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Rep. Marc Veasey (D-Texas) introduced bills in their respective chambers that would bar the Trump administration from using taxpayer money to fund such a parade, which could come with a multimillion-dollar price tag.

In a letter to Senate colleagues, Cardin called on lawmakers to throw their support behind his measure.

“We have the best-armed forces in the world. We don’t need to flex our muscles to showcase our military hardware,” Cardin wrote. “Our brave military men and women flex their might around the world every day on behalf of our nation.”

I think that after 8 years of Obama gutting and weakening our Military, it would be nice to show our strength!

And about all those who say that the money can be used for the military vets, I can say just that President Trump is the first President in a long time who actually cares about our troops and our vets so he already is doing a hell of a good job about our veterans!

Alex Hall

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