JUST IN! Top Democrats Send Threatening Letter to Facebook And Twitter Demanding Suppression of “Release the Memo” Hashtags

Last week, right-wing circles were buzzing over a secret memo written by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), ostensibly detailing corruption in FBI surveillance practices. It’s unclear how much is in the memo itself — but we can never know until the memo is released. Conservatives are launching #releasethememo into trending topics on both Twitter and Facebook.

Now, that campaign has come under investigation for Russian interference

Two senior Democrats in Congress are demanding that Facebook and Twitter investigate whether Russian trolls and bots once again have tried to “manipulate public opinion” on their sites.


The letter Schiff and Feinstien have penned is written of congressional letterhead and addressed personally to Facebook C.E.O Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter C.E.O Jack Dorsey.

Last Thursday the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) held a vote to review a memo submitted by Republicans in the House of Representatives questioning the validity of the Mueller investigation on President Trump’s supposed ties to Russia, or lack thereof.

The contents of the memo in question caught fire as people were demanding these points be released for public consumption prompting the “Release the Memo” hashtag.

American citizens have been eager for transparency in the Russian investigation after a year of media reports and Democratic party references have come up with no solid results. Schiff and Feinstein propose the outcry from social media users should be lumped into more Russian conspiracy theories about the President.

So, Feinstein doesn’t want this one released after she took it upon herself to unilaterally release the transcript of Fusion GPS CEO testimony. Guess this is different.

I wonder if most left-wing liberals are so far gone at this point, if and when the evidence comes out that Obama and Hillary not only abused their power but orchestrated corruption at the highest levels of the FBI and government…will even that change their slavish devotion to the party of racism, sexism, atheism, globalism and anti-male anti-christian anti-conservative hatred?

Alex Hall

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