Drunk White Woman Tries To Attack Unmasked Black People In The Subway – Receive Instant Justice (Video)

In a video posted on Twitter , one woman of the wild and washcloth-less persuasion can be seen screeching at two Black men on the subway for some reason and apparently something having to do with them existing in close proximity to her.

Either way, the woman who was obviously drunk appeared to be very upset and can be heard calling the pair of Black men a “piece of s**t” and “garbage” just before prying her pasty white self out of her seat to assault one of them.

The video shows the woman getting up and hitting one of the men in the face with her iPad. In response, he hits her in the face. She then hits the man over the head repeatedly with her iPad, and he eventually exits the subway car.

His friend then follows him out of the subway, and the woman starts to hit the friend in the face with her iPad. She snatches his backpack, and he grabs it back from her. She grabs it again and spills its contents—food—all over the subway car.

He finally is able to get it back, and she yells that he “got in her face” and is a “piece of shit.” He opens his bottle of soda and sprays it all over her face.


She then wipes the blood off her face and appears to flick it at the three men sitting across from her.

“Thanks, men,” she yells. “Thank you guys. I’m sure you guys go by the whole thing of taking care of women.”

Video below:

Commenters on the video deduced that the woman and man she initially hit went for the same open seat on the train. However, in the video, the woman is seen sitting in a row by herself.

Redditor u/Calfer commented that they had seen another, longer version of the video as well.

“She was screaming at a random dude on the subway who finally got fed up and slapped her. Then he booked it out of the train car; a completely different dude walks in who she manages to mistake for the guy who slapped her and she goes off on him,” they commented. “They both happen to be [Black] men, and I guess the first man stood too close to her or something.”

And though many felt bad for the man who lost his entire meal, they applauded his strategic soda spraying.

Like it or not this woman deserved her dose of karma!

Alex Hall

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