Embarrassing America On A World Stage – Joe Biden Refers To Kamala Harris As ‘President Harris’ Yet Again (Video)

In a verbal gaffe, US President Joe Biden referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris” while delivering a conversation with the ASEAN leaders.

Joe Biden on Friday promised a long-term commitment to Southeast Asia in the face of China’s growing clout as he met regional leaders for a first summit in Washington.

Biden laid out $150 million in new initiatives and announced plans for the first full US ambassador to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in more than five years.

A region that “is free and open, stable and prosperous, and resilient and secure is what we’re all seeking,” Biden told ASEAN leaders, a day after he kicked off the two-day summit with a White House dinner of poached chicken, ravioli and vanilla ice cream.

Vice President Kamala Harris, meeting ASEAN leaders for a working lunch, said the administration “recognizes the vital strategic importance of your region.”


“As an Indo-Pacific nation, the United States will be present and continue to be engaged in Southeast Asia for generations to come,” she said.

However, Biden once again misspoke or had a Freudian slip!

Video below:

Netizens had many responses to the video. Some internet users mocked Biden’s memory. Meanwhile, there were speculations as to whether it was a hint for the 2024 election.

Alex Hall

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