Embarrassing Video: Joe Biden Seems To Get Lost At The G7 Summit In England, Jill Comes To The Rescue

President Joe Biden on Friday met with top allies in Cornwall, England, for a G-7 leaders summit, the first such in-person meeting since the coronavirus pandemic began.

While the focus of the summit’s agenda is on multilateral initiatives affecting the G-7 countries, all eyes are on the president’s upcoming sitdown with Russian President Vladimir Putin set for next Wednesday.

Ahead of a group photo with other G-7 leaders Friday, the president was asked by a reporter what his message was for Putin.

“I’ll tell ya after I deliver it,” Biden said, as he walked away to pose with the other leaders.

But after a recent video that surfaced later in the day, we can tell that Biden might just sleep during that meeting.


In the video, Biden is moving slowly when a reporter asked how is the meeting going in Cornwall Biden seems lost, while it seems like Jill was more afraid he might say something not approved in the script.

She called him and saved him from unexpected questions.

Video below:

In another video, Biden looks like he doesn’t even know who’s talking to him, while he is speaking to the President of France!

Video below:

Another example of America Last, in a video:

Earlier today tried to coax reporters to jump into the ocean at a seaside photo op in England, snidely joking, “everybody in the water” on the opening day of the annual G7 summit, which is expected to focus on plans for a global 15 percent tax as well as responses to COVID-19, global warming and cybercrime.

Biden made the crack as he and first lady Jill Biden stood on a raised platform on a Cornish beach with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie Johnson.

The 78-year-old Biden is known for his dry and sometimes confounding attempts at humor that can come off as non-too-subtle digs at the press, such as last month telling a reporter they could ask him about the Israel-Hamas conflict, but only if they stood in front of a pickup truck as he stepped on the gas.

Putin probably is having a nice laugh while he is watching Joe Biden embarrass himself on the international level.

Alex Hall

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