Eric Holder Just Responded To McCabe’s Firing With An Insult to President Trump

Former Attorney General Eric Holder took to Twitter this morning to both taunt and insult President Trump over the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe on Friday, two days ahead of the top FBI official’s scheduled retirement. Holder said the decision was cruel at the very least but warned it’s also dangerous to “please an increasingly erratic President.”

“The timing appears cruel and a cave that compromised DOJ independence to please an increasingly erratic President who should’ve played no role here,” Holder tweeted early Saturday. “This is dangerous.”

Just for the record… The real shame is that the criminal Holder hasn’t been indicted. McCabe and his co-conspirators were so confident that Corrupto-Clinton would win the presidency they could not fathom getting caught being partisan hacks instead of people of integrity. Holder was fortunate in working for a president who would cover for him and even pardon him if it became necessary. Smart of Obama to appoint an AG who would turn a blind eye to his crimes and who Obama would in turn protect. Folks at the top of the FBI and DOJ apparently thought that was a continuing policy. Turns out they were WRONG!

However, I understand Holder’s defense of McCabe because now their whole corrupt system is coming down.
A prosecution is next for McCabe, they’ll turn him against Comey, Lynch, Holder. That’s why Holder jumps to his defense.

Leaking Intel, obstructing an investigation, lied under oath, falsification of info to obtain FISA warrant, implementing insurance policy against President Trump.

Eric next!

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Natalie D.

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