Ex-Secret Service Agent Warns About “The Biggest Scandal Of Our Generation”…And He Says Democrats Are Petrified

When Donald Trump was sworn in a US President he gave promise that he will drain the swamp from everything that was bad and corrupt for so long!

These days more and more scandals related to Obama and his administration has revealed to the public! But Democrats are resisting and trying to undermine Trump because he is exposing their corruption and can’t be bought off.

Via Conservative Daily: “Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) announced just last week he had uncovered clear evidence showing the Obama administration’s abuse of the surveillance program, and recent reports from Washington have alluded to the existence of a memo that could lay bare the extent of that abuse.

In a series of tweets, Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino wrote that this could be the evidence that will change the public’s view of Obama:

“The real Obama, the vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see.”
Some of us have seen that shitstain for what he really is all along.






Simple: An attempted coup d’etat. The government is SO CORRUPT they COULDN’T allow President Trump to expose that corruption and destroy the criminal cartel they spent decades building.

He continued:

What we’ve been waiting for and why the Left has been hell-bent on taking the SWAMP KICKER out!! Looks like Obama & his monster crew is going down. A great & sad time for America! To think the most powerful in our country could cause so much corruption. Are 3 branches enough? Praying the FACTS of the dirty treasonous crap pulled by Obama and HRC comes to light and is so obvious that Dems can’t sit around calling it lies.

Bongino, who has long said the FBI’s problems are at the top rather than the thousands of well-qualified and dedicated agents, couldn’t resist a shot at former FBI Director James Comey:

And the media:

The media is constantly accusing Trump of lying, making up facts and figures, breaking his campaign promises. They say it is their job as the check to balance those with power. If they were being honest then they would be able tearing up BHO for his Presidency of Nonstop lying.

But, the Storm is here the Storm is real, we should hold every corrupt person accountable we should shout it out demand justice not the slap on the wrist! This is a battle for the people!

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Natalie D.

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