Exclusive Video! Leader Of ISIS Cell Supporters Blows Himself Up To Avoid Arrest In Russia

ISIS domination of the world must be stopped by all of the Free World.

Is good to have President Trump in the White House because he already started the war against terror, and as we can see they are terrified of him.

Maybe a bad news for the fight against the terror is the cold relationship that we have with Russia at the moment!

Because Russia like us are fighting against ISIS!

From RT:
The leader of a terrorist cell, which had connections to the jihadist group Islamic State, has killed himself with an improvised explosive device in order to avoid being arrested, Russian law enforcement said.

The cell was planning bomb and gun attacks in Russia’s Rostov region but was identified and thwarted before they could act, the Federal Security Service (FSB) reported on Tuesday.

FSB troops conducted a raid against the group, its press service told Russian media. The cell leader was killed when he detonated a homemade bomb. Three of his accomplices are now in custody.

The cell was preparing attacks based on orders it was receiving from the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in Syria, the report said.

Video below:

We need to start paying attention to this sort of behavior. It is becoming increasingly common. These terrorists MUST be stopped before they come to our country and try to destroy our way of life!

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