Facebook Strikes Again… Deletes An Event Page for Anti-Caravan Protest

On Thursday, San Diegans for Secure Borders (SDSB), received an email from Facebook informing them that their event, titled “STOP the Caravan of 1500 Illegal Aliens from Mexico,” had been taken down.

Facebook has deleted an event page hosted by citing a violation of their community standards. The event was a protest against the caravan of illegal aliens aiming to enter the U.S. from Mexico.

“Our event page had been up for about four weeks and had about 950 people signed up to either attend or ‘interested’ in attending,” said Jeff Schwilk, founder of SDSB.

For Breitbart News Tonight Schwilk said that he was personally put in “Facebook jail” after his event page was suspended: “All of a sudden I woke up yesterday morning, went to my Facebook, and it said ‘you’ve been logged out.’”

“They put me back in Facebook jail for 30 days, again. This is about my fourth time. The other ones have just been for posts or comments that were not in violation of the community standards, but just, somebody saw something they didn’t like [which] they reported. Facebook doesn’t care if it really violates their standards as long as enough people complain, and then they zap it.”

“This time they zapped the whole event. It’s gone. We had over 900 people signed up to either go or interested in going. We had all kinds of discussions and posts going on, active interactions, getting ready for this thing and what we were going to do… Which was, again, 100 percent peaceful, lawful. We were going to go down and have a rally and show that no, the American people are not okay with this.”

“They keep tightening the noose on us,” said Schwilk. “They want us all to leave Facebook, they want us off, so it can be a far-left liberal bastion for the sharing of our ideas. They don’t want our ideas shared.”

So even after the Senate questioning, nothing has changed with Facebook. They still pick and choose whatever suits them. It is clear as day that Facebook is a left wing activist group that spies on Americans for the benefit of the leftist/globalist agenda.

The left loves to censor what they don’t like. And Facebook is trying to get this event SILENCED!

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H/T Breitbart

Natalie D.

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