Hollywood Veteran Actor To Gun-Grabbing Celebs: Time to Arm School Staff with Guns

While I wholeheartedly agree with the concept of armed security in our schools, be aware it will be a long uphill struggle against the leftist anti-gunners. Colleges have police forces currently that are being demonized by students constantly.

Today Hollywood actor Adam Baldwin tweeted:

Again, the shooter was stopped by people with firearms.

Schools need armed security and volunteer staff members with CCW.

His Tweet cause a total meltdown on other Hollywood lefties celebrities who demanded gun control and removing of our second amendment!

Baldwin makes the point about men with guns stopping the attack because men with guns apprehended the attacker. But the critical point is that a school staff ought not to be required to be sitting ducks.

Looked at another way, students ought not to be required to be sitting ducks because of asinine policies that keep school staff members from being armed for self-defense.

The left tried gun control by making sure the security guard and no one else had guns.

Proof once again that taking guns away from the good guys does Not protect them from bad Democrats with guns.

Here’s at least one celebrity who uses logic and reason, instead of hand-wringing exasperation, to provide REAL solutions.
The “conversation” should begin and end with banishing the myth of the “gun-free” zone, i.e., “killing field”.
We provide armed security for banks, airports and gun-grabbing hypocrite celebrities – but not for school kids?

Alex Hall

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