Breaking Report: FBI To Investigate Evidence Of Illegal Ballots Uncovered By Private Group

Matt Braynard with the Voter Integrity Project (VIP) dropped a bombshell on Twitter early Sunday morning. According to Mr. Braynard, the FBI has requested evidence of illegal ballots that VIP uncovered during their review of the 2020 election results. Mr. Braynard said that by Tuesday, his group will provide the files, including names and addresses, to the FBI for criminal investigation.

He tweeted:

– The
has proactively and directly requested from me the VIP findings that indicates illegal ballots.

– By Tuesday, we will have delivered to the agency all of our data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

– While there has been legit criticism of the actions of leaders of the agency over the last several years, I can personally attest to the many patriots within the rank-and-file who are fighting on the side of the Constitution and Law and Order.


Note: everything I pass on to local/state/fed law enforcement, litigants, legislatures, journalists, etc, is always a copy.

And despite sharing it with individuals from all of those groups, there’s never guarantee of a productive result.

VIP’s sampling of the 2020 election discovered evidence of thousands of illegal ballots across numerous contested states. For example, VIP found more than 1,000 people in both Georgia and Pennsylvania who used a post office address as their home address, and attempted to disguise the post office by adding “Apt,” Suite,” Unit” etc. at the end. It is a violation of law in both states to use a post office as your home address.

Image below:

Braynard’s group also found more than 20,000 people in Georgia and more than 8,000 people in Nevada who cast ballots although they no longer met the residency requirements of their respective states.

In Arizona, VIP sampled 2,044 voters and found 44 percent did not request an absentee ballot, even though they reportedly received one. Arizona law prohibits sending a ballot to a voter who has not requested one. The project also discovered nearly 6,000 people voted in the 2020 election who no longer met Arizona’s residency requirements. Moreover, the sampling revealed 157 people who voted twice in the state.

For more on the Voter Integrity Project, watch the presentation on their findings here:

Braynard will appear as an expert witness at the Arizona hearing:

They better make some copies because VIP is doing the work the FBI should be doing, now they just want their stuff.

Alex Hall

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