Flashback Video: Tom Brokaw Confronted Joe Biden For Shady Deals With Hunter And MBNA Bank

Remember when Joe Biden bragged about how he coerced Ukraine into firing its top prosecutor by threatening that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees from them.

While this type of interference in a foreign government by the then-Vice President of the United States is highly inappropriate in itself, what makes it even worse is that the prosecutor he got fired was probing a firm for which his son Hunter Biden worked.
Yesterday new reports emerged and suggested that Frank Biden’s companies received $54 MILLION in taxpayer-funded loans to finance energy projects in Central America

Just like his son—Biden’s brother also had no energy experience.

This is all good material for Trump’s campaign to take advantage of.

This morning on Twitter is trending #BidenIsCorrupt and old video re-surfaced, a video that could prove to be fatal for Joe Biden’s aspirations as President.


The former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw is calling out Biden for conflicts of interest involving his son from more than a decade ago.

The video, shared last Saturday by Twitter user @ibrahimpols, who calls himself a “media watchdog,” shows Brokaw interviewing Biden on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“Tom Brokaw calling out Joe-Hunter Biden’s corruption in 2008,” the Twitter user wrote about the clip.

They’re like a crime family second only to the Clintons.

Over a decade ago legendary broadcast journalist Tom Brokaw asked Joe Biden about another special arrangement with a Delaware bank called MBNA that dealt in credit cards. The bank hired Hunter, who had no banking experience at the time, at an annual salary of six figures, and then they donated to then-Senator Joe Biden about $214,000 in campaign contributions.

Joe Biden has been selling the influence of the offices he’s held for years.

This is SO Tom Brokaw to ask Biden this to his face on TV, on Meet the Press no less.


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