Footage Emerges Of Good Guy With Gun Taking Down Alleged Church Attacker In Texas

Two people have died and one person is in critical condition after a shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ in northwest Texas.

The shooter was prevented from creating more carnage by armed members of the church, several of whom drew their own weapons in response to his attack, as well as a security guard. It has now been confirmed that the gunman was shot and is one of the two people killed.

Footage emerged on Sunday afternoon that showed a good guy with a gun neutralizing an alleged attacker who opened fire on a church congregation in Texas.

The footage shows a man dressed in black in the back corner of the auditorium talking to another man, who has been blurred out in the video. The alleged attacker then pulls out what appears to be a short shotgun and opens fire on the man with whom he was interacting.

The alleged attacker fires one shot at the man he was talking to before being immediately shot by a good guy with a gun. The alleged attacker fires off one more shot toward the front of the church before he falls to the ground.


Within a matter of only a few seconds, at least four armed people in the congregation draw their firearms and immediately provide backup assistance to the individual who engaged the alleged attacker.

Video below ((blurred to hide victims, viewer discretion is advised):

No less than four church members, including one guard, pulled guns on the shooter before he caused more carnage!!
Guns Save Lives.
The shooter was dressed in black with a hood over his head before he started shooting.
The church took the video down but it is still posted online.

A witness told CBS 11 News that the gunman had shot a server during communion, before being shot and taken down by another church member. The incident took place around 10 a.m. local time.

“It was the most scariest thing. You feel like your life is flashing before you. I was so worried about my little one,” Isabel Arreola, who witnessed the shooting, told CBS.

MedStar spokeswoman Macara Trusty told the Dallas News that one person died at the scene and another died while being transported to the hospital.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a statement about the shooting on Twitter, asking for prayers for the victims.

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