Former Google Leader: President Trump Made A “good point” About The Company’s Bias

President Trump made an excellent point about Google and Twitter. They are anti-American globalist entities. President Trump is not just stating this fact to those of us who hired him, he’s speaking on our behalf.

And it seems that some former leaders fro the tech giant Google agree with President Trump!

During his interview with Slate Tim Hwang pointed out that Google lacks transparency.

The president’s tweet is picking up on a good point, but I don’t take as conspiratorial a view as he does on the questions of whether it’s biased or not biased,” declared Hwang. “I don’t think the question is whether or not it’s biased. All these systems embed some kind of bias. The question is: Do we have transparency to how some of these decisions are being made?”

After responding to a lot of complaints about the quality of information coming through these platforms, a lot of these platforms — Facebook and Google included — have said that they want improve the quality of information. One way they’ve done that is to say, ‘OK, well here is a set of websites that we think are more credible than others.’ I think the choice of that is inherently a subjective act,” he continued. “No matter how you slice it, it imposes some point of view or some lens on the world of what is and is not credible.”

“There are many ways of improving transparency that don’t necessarily require you to give up the exact code that would allow you to game the system,” he expressed. “Even the list of what they consider credible outlets is a really interesting and important thing for them to talk about and give more transparency. There are obvious reasons why they don’t: They feel like people would take it as conclusive evidence that they’re biased in some way.”

“But I think we have to move away from a world in which these platforms feel like they can ever return to a place where the public views them as completely neutral, and instead opt for a greater demonstration of their process and workflow, recognizing that they can’t be fully objective and neutral in some perfect way,” Hwang concluded.

Once a huge company decides to alienate more than half the country, and side with those who want to destroy Freedom of Speech of those who do not agree with their philosophy, it is no longer a People Place – – it become just another Propaganda Machine. Most people with a brain recognize this.

Alex Hall

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