FOX NEWS’ Harris Faulkner kills Back Channels to Russia Conspiracy with one super SMART question

Could someone please let the liberals and their darlings in the media know that most Americans don’t believe all the garbage that’s being spewed about Trump.

The fact that so much corruption has been exposed on the Democrats and the Clintons, with no consequences, makes the hard working people everywhere, regardless of their political affiliation, turn to those like Trump, who are just as disgusted as everyone else is, and are wanting some honesty and fair representation in Washington.

Keep the narrative against Trump and the Democrats will lose even more seats in the House and the Senate. They will succeed in the draining of the swamp!

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner asked the perfect question to those who believe both, that there was collusion and that Jared Kushner had a secret back channel with Russia, BPR reported.

“If it’s true, wouldn’t that signify that there was not collusion?” she asked the former advisor to President Bill Clinton, Doug Schoen on the “Fox Report.” “Why would you need a back channel with the Kremlin if, in fact, you already had several established?”

Her common sense question was a eureka moment for many on social media.



I say to all those Trump haters… Show me the black and white proof. Not your thoughts, guessing, but hard proof…

And someone, please show me the proof that the Russians made me vote the way I did.

Harris is such an intelligent lady. Just love to hear her speak.

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Alex Hall

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