Gov. Huckabee And Sarah Sanders Shamed CNN’s Acosta After He Accused Sarah Of Lack Of Courage

At the end of the Monday’s press conference, CNN’s Jim Acosta got angry at White House press secretary Sarah Sanders for not taking questions from CNN. As Sanders was on her way out of a relatively-short briefing, Acosta shouted after her, “Sarah, can I ask a question? Sarah, that’s the third briefing you have not taken a question from CNN!”

On Twitter, Acosta wrote: “Third press briefing in a row that @PressSec did not take a question from CNN. #courage”

I bet Sarah is tired of the stupid repetitive questions. Acosta keeps asking over and over again and she’s tired of giving the same answer over and over!

However, she decided to give him an eloquent, accurate response that shamed Acosta even more!

Sarah wrote: “Courage isn’t taking ‘a question from CNN,’ Jim,” Sanders tweeted back at him. “Courage is combat veterans Sgt. Peck and Staff Sgt. Dwyer – the two heroes at the briefing. #itsnotaboutyou”

This is why we love Sarah!

But Sarah’s father had the last word!

Mike Huckabee wrote: “Sometimes @PressSec sure does remind me of her mother! Today, Jim Acosta from CNN feels the burn!”

Love the Huckabee’s for standing up for vets! Great people make our country great!

I wonder when the absolutely dense Acosta is going to figure out that Press Secretary Sanders absolutely owns him each time he opens his mouth?

However, Acosta deserves the treatment he receives. He is a disgrace to journalism. In there he is not asking the questions that Americans are concerned with. He is only there to discredit this administration and promote leftist evil agendas!

What do you think?

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Natalie D.

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