Graham Explains Why One Trump Was Invited To McCain Funeral – It Says Everything About Their Mission (Video)

If you ask me President Trump upstaged McCain at his own funeral without even being there. Best President in decades.

But the storm that was made about McCain’s funeral is not winding down if anything it’s getting stronger!

Liberals try to use this event to bash President Trump and even attacked part of his family for attending the funeral!

There’s a simple explanation behind why Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner attended John McCain’s funeral on Saturday: They were invited.

In an interview on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham, a close friend of Sen. McCain’s, shared that “nobody was at that funeral that did not get invited by the family.”


“Earlier in the week, I met with Ivanka about a trip we’re planning in Africa,” Sen. Graham said after denying that he was responsible for the couple’s presence at the service.

Graham added that he would like to see McCain’s wife, Cindy, work with Ivanka Trump on issues they both have in common.

“I’m hoping that Cindy, who has done terrific work for human trafficking of women and all things related to that issue, can work with Ivanka and others because that’s her life’s work and maybe these two can work together to help women who are in desperate straits,” he said. “I think both of them would like to do that and I’d like to help them to the extent I could.”

Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman told Bash that he spoke to Ivanka and Jared after the funeral and they had “no complaints” as to how it was handled.

“I thanked them, as John’s friend,” Lieberman said. “It meant a lot. At the end, I spoke to them too and there were no complaints. They felt that the whole service was a great tribute to him.”

The video below (you can watch the moment after the 5 the minute):

Never seen so much hate for a president! Are people so afraid of something they have to disparage the leader of their country?

Or just jumping on the bandwagon because they can’t think for themselves and believe anything that celebrities say. All the hate and disrespect you show says a lot about your character.

Haven’t you ever heard of not sh-ting in your own front yard?

No wonder the rest of the world has no respect for America, Americans, some, are showing no respect for America.

Never liked Obama or Bush, but never would I have disrespected the office or the people who elected them. At least not publicly.

In any case, Ivanka has more class than any of them that were there! It takes a strong daughter to sit there and watch her father get trashed!

Alex Hall

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