Hilarious Video: “MASSIVE” Protest At The Capitol Calling For Witnesses In The Sham Impeachment Trial

The impeachment coup shows how desperate the Dems are.

Their “witch hunt” is destined for failure.

They know that this “witch hunt” will not change anything, so they use the spotlight to create media fuzz by using lies!

They even tried to stage a huge protest in front of the Capitol.

A coalition of progressive advocacy groups descended on the U.S. capitol Wednesday with plans to engage in “mass non-violent civil disobedience” aimed at pressuring senators to allow witnesses in President Donald Trump’s ongoing impeachment trial.

The “Swarm the Capitol” event was organized by Center for Popular Democracy Action, Public Citizen, the Poor People’s Campaign, Women’s March, and other grassroots organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Americans nationwide.

“We are calling for a moral impeachment,” Rev. William Barber, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, said at a press conference ahead of Wednesday’s action. “That’s why we’re marching with our allies today.”

Of course, the whole event turned out to be another comedy show organized by the Dems.

“Swarm the Capitol and demand John Bolton be allowed to testify,” Public Citizen tweeted Wednesday, referring to Trump’s former national security adviser. “We’re going to put an end to [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell’s disgraceful cover-up.”

Watch the video below to see the MASSIVE crow that was protesting today:

The Dems don’t have any political results so they push for a plain simple witch hunt against our President.

Democrats have been searching for ways to impeach President Donald Trump since before he was elected, a Democratic congressman said, and the Ukraine situation just happened to be the first thing that gained enough political momentum to pull it off.

But everything is finished and the Dems suffered an expected defeat.

The US Senate voted on impeachment witnesses for their impeachment trial.

18 witnesses were already called in the House.

The Republicans were not allowed any of their requested witnesses in the US House sham impeachment.

Republican Senators Romney and Collins voted with Democrats.

The motion failed 51-49.
There will be no witnesses.
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Alex Hall

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