James Woods Destroys Nancy Pelosi Over Her ‘Dedicated Dreamers’ Tweet

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi keeps repeating the same lie, all over again in hope people will end up believing it. She took to Twitter to express her thoughts about the recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Pelosi wrote: “Dreamers have proven their dedication to our American community more times than anyone can count. These young Americans deserve to live with stability & without fear.”

By breaking our laws, working without paying taxes then sending their money back home to Mexico and hiding from the authorities for years?

“Dreamers” are so dedicated to the American community that they protested AGAINST funding the entire federal government (including the military) unless their own demands were met!

Also, she keeps forgetting the fact that they are not Dreamers, they are not young Americans, they are foreign invaders.

However, actor James Woods stepped in and delivered a blistering response to Nany Pelosi tweet.

Woods nailed Pelosi for her phony compassion. “You abandoned them. “You were offered deals and abandoned them. You played politics with their lives Now go find other ways to cheat at elections,” wrote the actor, suggesting Democrats’ “compassion” for illegals stems from voting trends.

Woods is, once again, correct. I am so glad he isn’t afraid to show his patriotism with the truth! They don’t want a solution, they want an issue…and I want the GOP to call them out on it…loudly.

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Natalie D.

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