James Woods Shows No Mercy… Destroys ‘Greedy, Lying, Grifter’ Hillary In An Epic Way

In Hollywood outspoken conservative actors are a rare breed, and unless you’re an iconic legendary actor and directors like a Clint Eastwood, or an acclaimed Academy Award winner like a Jon Voight, there’s likelihood that the rabid left might not be able to inflict too much damage to your career, however if you’re someone like conservative actor James Woods, (a solid seasoned performer), your career might take a hit.

However, he is not afraid to speak the truth! In fact, he has been quite vocal with his criticism of Democrats in general!

Hillary’s pity party is getting old. Hillary Clinton had more chances in politics than any other politician but she did nothing, so it came as no surprise when she lost the presidential elections in 2016. But, she continues with her excuses…

The New York Times released an article about Hillary Clinton called “They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President” in which it was revealed that Hillary Clinton said, “they were never going to let me be president” on election night after she realized Donald Trump won.

Fox News reported:

Hillary Clinton lamented that “they were never going to let me be president” on election night in 2016, a new book detailing her White House bids claims.

The Daily Beast obtained book excerpts of “Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling.”

The book reportedly references Clinton’s September 2016 comments — she said that half of Trump supporters could be put into a “basket of deplorable.” The comments were reportedly not the first, as “Hillary always broke down Trump supporters into three baskets,” New York Times reporter Amy Chozick’s book claimed, according to The Daily Beast.”

But, we are so lucky we have conservative actor James Woods on our side. Woods wrote a couple of tweets in response to this nonsense. And they were brutal.

Woods wrote: “Your corruption was not a flesh wound, but a systemic rot of your entire being. YOU were never going to let you be president because you are a greedy, lying grifter. You weren’t born a Clinton, but you took to being one like a duck to swamp water.”

“You couldn’t beat 1.) a dope-smoking block party organizer, 2.) a dandruff ridden old Commie from Vermont, or 3.) a reality TV host. It’s not “they” who stopped you, Honey Bunny, it’s YOU! #UnelectableHagBag” writes Woods.

James Woods nails it again! Everything he says is spot on truth. He has never been what you would call mellow. He has always been a firebrand personality who walks to the beat of his own drum corp. I am glad he is turning his great mind to our side.

Just imagine how awesome the world would be if there were more conservative people in Hollywood. We would have a voice. Keep on tweeting James, you have much love and support out here.

What do you think of Wood’s tweets?

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Editor’s Note: This particular story was popular at the time it originally made the news and is circulating again a second time for the important and applicable message that’s relevant today.

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