Jenna Jameson Slams Hillary Clinton After She Accused Trump Of ‘Surrender’ Over Russian Election Interference

I always find it amusing when the party of immorality tries to take the moral high ground.

On Wednesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed that President Trump is not doing enough to prevent future election meddling by the Russians. She said that the Russians are going to try and manipulate US elections again regardless of whether President Donald Trump decides to address the issue or not.

Hillary wrote: “I say this as a former Secretary of State and as an American: the Russians are still coming. Our intelligence professionals are imploring Trump to act. Will he continue to ignore & surrender, or protect our country.”

Deflect much Hillary? All this Dossier and Russia Collusion leads right back to you.

Hillary’s tweet was criticised by many Twitter users. Among them was Jenna Jameson who trashed Hillary for her criticism of Trump.

Jameson wrote: “You should be in jail.”

Love Jenna’s response… Other Twitter users agreed with her.

If Dems are so concerned about foreign influence in our elections, why are they allowing illegals to vote?

However, Hillary has become a joke, and her tweets are nothing more than messages to her people for the “movements”. Her identity politics plan and Russia conspiracy are falling apart. Her claim to fame is how many people she hurt. That’s the Hillary Legacy for history books.

It is time Hillary puts the orange jacket on!

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Natalie D.

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