Jim Jordan Rips James Comey For Hiding The Fact That His Memo-Leaking friend Worked For the FBI (VIDEO)

Former FBI director James Comey openly admitted during his testimony to the Senate a year ago, that he leaked a conversation he had with President Trump to the media. And he brought his friend into it.

Comey’s close friend who was asked to leak this conversation is a former federal prosecutor and criminal law professor named Daniel Richman.

But, the most interesting thing about this is the fact that Richman worked for the FBI during Comey’s testimony to Congress.

On Thursday morning, the Ohio Republican ripped fired FBI Director James Comey over his memo leaks. Jordan told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends that Comey never told Congress his law professor friend Daniel Richman, whom he gave his memos to in order to leak to the liberal media, worked for the FBI on an unpaid basis.

“James Comey never told Congress that he wasn’t just leaking this information through a friend to The New York Times. This friend was a special government employee [who] had access to the FBI. We presume he had full clearance, so he didn’t disclose that.”

Further, Comey likely used Richman to leak information “lots of times,” said Jordan, and “we don’t know if there was classified information in what they leaked.”

“We don’t know the answer to that, but a leak is a leak,” the congressman said. “A leak is when you take information and give it to the press.”

It is more and more clear is that Comey ignored the law, and set himself up above the law of mere mortals. Comey’s special friend was given “special government employee” status by Comey’s FBI… on an unpaid basis. No wonder he was reluctant to deal with Hillary Clinton when he himself was careless and unethical with his own handling of FBI documents. This is serious stuff and when it is happening at his level it is extremely dangerous to national security.

Luckily, there are still some true patriots who love our country and care about executing and seeing justice! Congressman Jim Jordan is truly a hero! Rep. Jordan speaks for the people! And perhaps Comey’s friend should have his office raided and records relating to his work for Comey given to a prosecutor or Congress.

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Natalie D.

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