Joy Behar Unloads On Melania Trump… Says She Deserves No Sympathy Because She Is ‘A Birther’ (VIDEO)

‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar attacked First Lady Melania Trump during Wednesday’s broadcast of the show, saying she deserves no sympathy during scandals concerning the Trump administration because she is a birther.

The comments were made while the panel was discussing the recent scandal involving Donald Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels. Daniels and the president are engaged in a current legal battle over an alleged affair.

The segment opened with the hosts roundly supporting Melania Trump and what she may be going through with her husband, saying the matter should be kept private.

The panel called the First Lady “lovely” and “a very nice human being” and a “very good mom” before Behar jumped in to call Melania a “birther.”

“We can’t really like her 100 percent because she is a birther like her husband,” Behar said. “I interviewed her on my HLN show and we made news on that because I asked her, ‘Do you think Obama was born in this country?’”

Behar claimed that Melania said Obama “was not born in this country. So she’s on the same page as him on a lot of issues, so she’s not off the hook.”

Whoopi Goldberg ended up the discussion, saying: “This is not about [Trump’s] personal life. What we are talking about here is that a porn star has more credibility than the United States of America president.”


Digging deep and petty of Joy. His birth is questioned because of what his grandma and brother claimed as well as getting college financial aid as a foreigner. Just saying.

And also… Has Melania Trump requested sympathy from anyone on the View, or elsewhere? Not that I am aware of. You must be reliving Hillary making the TV rounds claiming “right wing conspiracies” to being a victim and calling Monica Levinski a bimbo.

I believe Mrs. Trump has too much class to join the swampy tabloid tribes.

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Natalie D.

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