Judge Pirro Mocks Whoopi Goldberg… Thanks Her For Helping Make Her Book Number One On Amazon (VIDEO)

On Thursday, the things went out of control on The View show, when Pirro mentioned “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and appeared to point at The View host Whoopi Goldberg. With her behavior, Whoopi perfectly illustrated the whole point of the Judge’s book in just a few minutes.

Obviously, the thing got worse of the scene because as Pirro claims Goldberg spit on her off stage and screamed at her to “get the f**k out of this building.”

Pirro made the claims while joining Fox News host Sean Hannity’s radio program following “The View” segment.

I’m still reeling from it, to be honest with you,” Pirro told Hannity.

“I went on thinking that we would have a discussion about the book. The truth is, that it was an attack on Donald Trump, and then on me. I sat there as Whoopi Goldberg pontificated about how horrible Donald Trump was and at one point I said ‘you know I’m here to talk about the book’ and then she went ballistic – ended the segment.”


And, on Saturday night, Judge Jeanine Pirro confirmed that Whoopi can be useful after all. At the end of her opening statement on her Fox News show, Pirro thanked Goldberg for helping make her book “number one on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.”

“I do want to thank Whoopi and the ladies of ‘The View’ for helping to make my book ‘Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy‘ number one on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. So go out and get a copy if you haven’t already,” said the Fox News host.

Thanks, Whoopi, for finally being our useful idiot and not just the Left’s useful idiot. See, you can be useful after all.

Via The Daily Caller: “To close out her Saturday show, Pirro addressed the issue again with a call to “put this episode to bed.”

“I couldn’t let the week end without addressing what happened on ‘The View’ this week,” said Pirro. “All of you saw it and most of you probably heard both my and Whoopi’s version of what you didn’t see was after I was thrown off the set. I’m not here to rehash old news, and in the spirit of tonight’s opening statement I would like to close the book on this and move on, and I ‘d like you to do so as well.”

Pirro later played a “The View” segment from Friday showing Goldberg wishing her “good luck” with her book but stating that she “liked the last book” better.

To that, Pirro responded:

“I preferred you in the movie ‘Ghost’ much more than I do on ‘The View,’ but then we’re all entitled to our opinions.”

I love Judge Jeanine. She’s brilliant, always a lady and takes the high road.

Also, congratulations on the success of her book! It shows that the people are with her, not with the Liars, Leakers & Liberals on ‘The View. ‘ The View is an example of the dangers of groupthink. They now only have one view & one brain to think with on that show.

Do you think ‘The View’ deserve to be PERMANENTLY CANCELLED?? Scroll down to leave a comment below!

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