Laura Ingraham Drops DACA Bombshell, Triggers Every Whiny Liberal With These Four Words!

The problem with DACA is how DACA came about. Presidents don’t have the power make and pass laws. It was beneficial to Obama during the election year. DACA bypassed Congress. How many of you would support Trump in his decision? Our last president thought he was above the law of the land.

But, the fact is Americans have been neglected for way too long.

This is why, during an interview on Fox News, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham defended President Trump’s decision to end DACA by saying that DACA should be ended because “Americans are dreamers too.”

Ingraham argued that Americans’ dreams are being compromised by the acceptance and coddling of illegal aliens.

She said: “Americans are dreamers too. They have a lot of dreams that have not been fulfilled because of a variety of reasons, a lot of them have to do with politicians not doing what they said they would do.”

Ingraham continued: “American citizens want a better life, they want their kids in schools that aren’t overcrowded, they want health care that doesn’t rise in its costs 20 percent, 18 percent a year, so that’s number one.”

“Number two, I think people have to understand what [DACA] is really all about…it’s about giving work permits and federal benefits to people who are as advanced in their age as the age of 36.”

She ended: “So if Congress wants to push basically a de facto amnesty of a million people and think that somehow Middle America is going to stand up and cheer, good luck.”

Let’s see…when Obama announced DACA he specifically said it was not amnesty, that it was temporary, and that Congress needed to arrive at a permanent solution.

Despite his promises of immigration reform and a majority house and senate, they did nothing. The supreme court and 5th circuits both ruled that the president cannot give blanket amnesty, only Congress. 10 states have taken legal action against DACA because it violates presidential power. Constitutional attorneys have testified before Congress that it violates the Constitution.

All trump is doing and saying.. the career politicians need to get off their corrupt tails and do something. It’s their decision, not his.
Personally, I love it. No amount of campaigning could ever expose them like they expose themselves.

Thank God Laura articulated what I have been trying to say since this DACA announcement. America first is why I voted for President Trump. It’s time we worried about the American citizens over illegals. I am tired of hearing about the emotional aspect of this, What Obama did was unconstitutional and illegal. Let Congress decide this issue and hopefully, it will be a decision that will benefit Americans.

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Michelle M.

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