Law Professor Turley Claims: “If Anything, the Criminal Case Against President Trump Has Weakened over Time” (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley appeared in an interview on Fox News Channel’s “The Story.” During the interview, he said that: “If anything, the criminal case against President Trump has weakened over time.” Turley conceded the possibilities that new evidence could come out, or the president could make a false statement during an interview.

Via Breitbart: “Turley responded to New York Times columnist Tom Friedman’s statement that former Presidents Bush and Obama will have to work together in the face of a constitutional crisis by saying, “I have a lot of respect for both these presidents and the level of restraint that they have shown. … But if they’re waiting for a consitutional crisis, there [are] very few objective signs that that’s going to come to pass. If anything, the criminal case against President Trump has weakened over time.”

He added: “Now, could there be a false statement made in the interview? Could there be additional evidence? Yes. But I think we have to deal with this objectively and to say that he is still just a subject after over a year, hundreds of thousands of documents, and a myriad of cooperating witnesses, and he still — his status has not changed. And what — the problem is that very few people can get themselves to say that there isn’t a clear-cut criminal case against the president.”

You have to commit a crime first to have a criminal case! Turley is ‘guilty’ of imprecise language. What I believe he means is “the argument which supports the idea that the President has committed any criminal acts” has weakened over time.

Turley is correct, even if his language was not precise… There never was a criminal case against Trump. Mueller’s witch hunt was designed to paralyze Trump’s presidency. It’s time to shut it down.

NO Case against Trump -but there is plenty of evidence against Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, and many others for criminal activities and obstruction of Justice. We are all still waiting for them to be indicted!

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Natalie D.

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