Liberals Attacked Father of Student Killed in FL Shooting For Wearing a Trump Shirt

What a SICK TWISTED world we live in where compassion and empathy are so few and far in between.

The father of Meadow Pollack, one of the students who was murdered in the tragedy after a deranged gunman rampaged through Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, was attacked on Twitter only because he was wearing a “Trump 2020” shirt.

Alexandra Seltzer, a reporter for the Palm Beach Post, tweeted the picture: “Here is Andrew Pollack yesterday showing a photo of his daughter Meadow. At that time he was searching for her. Today he said “she’s gone.” #stonemanshooting

Leftists on Twitter attacked President Trump and the father of a slain student because he was wearing a “Trump 2020” shirt.

The hatred in this country is so toxic. The man lost his daughter and you people are so petty and heartless that you are badgering him about a T-shirt and politics? What kind of low life people will say that to a father that just lost his daughter?

Trump had absolutely nothing to do with this tragedy. The ONLY reason those people are dead is that the FBI failed to do their job. TWICE with this shooter!

Let me think now… who was president when Sandy Hook happened and who had a 60 vote majority in the Senate and a majority in the house the first two years and did absolutely nothing to prevent this sort of thing. Oh, wait… I think that was Obama. So stop blame Trump for everything.

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Natalie D.

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