Line Of White Women Formed A Barrier Between Black Protestors And The Police (Photos + Video)

Breonna Taylor’s death brought together hundreds of protesters in downtown Louisville on Thursday night to demand justice for Taylor, the unarmed African American woman who was shot and killed by Louisville Metro Police officers in March.

The protest started out peacefully before turning violent, with at least seven people shot and wounded by an unknown assailant or assailants.

Police officers at the protest did not fire their guns, according to LMPD.

One person who was shot is in “critical” condition, police said. According to a statement from Mayor Greg Fischer early Friday morning, two victims were sent to surgery.

All of the shooting victims are civilians, according to LMPD, which said none of the victims were shot by officers and that it is “too early to comment on suspects.”
Video below:


One moment that went viral happened when the police arrived and were ready to face the protesters.
A photo appears to show a line of white women, arms locked, standing between Louisville Metro Police officers and black protesters.
Photo below:

It quickly went viral, shared on social media by organizations like the Kentucky National Organization for Women.

“This is a line of white people forming a barrier between Black protesters and the police. This is love. This is what you do with your privilege,” the post states.
We are all people and should demand the fair treatment of all people. Do not let us be divided. But these violent protests will not bring us together, they can only divide us. There should be protests against police brutality but we should leave out the racial tensions!

We should stay united, but we shouldn’t protect looters if people protest peacefully is one thing but if they are stealing and shooting innocent people they are not protesters they are looters!
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