Watch Alice Marie Johnson’s Heartbreaking Message to President Trump (VIDEO)

President Trump and his team make decisions based on common sense and moreover on real American values. He listens, evaluates and acts. He will not make a one-time blanket decision commuting groups of people because it is very dangerous to commute people without thorough vetting.

After serving 21 years of her life sentence, Alice Marie Johnson spent her first morning outside of prison.

Johnson, 63, said Mr. Trump had given her another chance in life and restored her to her family.

According to The Daily Caller:

Johnson appeared Thursday on CBS’s “This Morning” to reflect on her first night of freedom, and her first observation was truly a simple thing that most Americans take for granted. She said, “I woke up without a bunk bed over my head. It was great.”

When asked what she had noticed on her first night, Johnson laughed, saying that the city had certainly changed. New buildings had left her wondering where she was at times, and technology had certainly become more ubiquitous.

“The city has changed a lot… I noticed people on the phone a lot.”

Johnson also thanked President Trump for hearing her story and giving her a second chance. She said, “Thank you so much … I am going to be that one that is going to make you so proud, and I hope that my life will encourage him to do this for others.”

Please take this chance and make the world a better place! Spread love and kindness and forgiveness. Enjoy your life but serve others and thank God always!

Thank You, Mr. President. Thank you Kim K. for her influence and persistence. I believe Kim has a true heart and is being helpful where ever she can. People are harsh on her but I believe she will go forward with being helpful and charitable were and when she is able.

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Alex Hall

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