McCain Is In DEEP TROUBLE – What British Spy Exposed May Put Him In Jail!!

McCain has a lot of nerve to call himself an American. the man is obviously a Globalist neo-con working for the deep state every waking hour. He has been a traitor for over 50 years, just continues down the same path he started while a POW. He is out of step, he is not thinking like a Republican and he is hurting America.

“Sen. John McCain faces questions in a defamation lawsuit about leaks leading to the publication of the now-infamous dossier that alleged Donald Trump’s campaign had connections to Russian operatives, McClatchy has learned.

The dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele and his London firm, Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd., amounted to a collection of uncorroborated reports of collusion gathered as political research for sale to Trump’s opponents. It proved explosive when published by online news site BuzzFeed.

Two lawsuits — one in the United States and a second in the U.K. — are being brought by lawyers for Aleksej Gubarev, a Cyprus-based Internet entrepreneur whom Steele’s Russian sources accused of cyber spying against the Democratic Party leadership.

According to a new court document in the British lawsuit, counsel for defendants Steele and Orbis repeatedly point to McCain, R-Ariz., a vocal Trump critic, and a former State Department official as two in a handful of people known to have had copies of the full document before it circulated among journalists and was published by BuzzFeed.

The court document obtained by McClatchy confirms that Sir Andrew Wood, a former British ambassador to Moscow and a Russia adviser to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, discussed the 35-page dossier with McCain.

“The Defendants considered that the issues were self-evidently relevant to the national security of the US, UK, and their allies,” the document says, explaining why Steele and his partner, Christopher Burrows, felt it necessary to share the dossier’s findings.

Wood had told Britain’s The Guardian in January that McCain had reached out to him about the dossier, and had obtained it through other means. The court document confirms that Wood, Steele and former State Department official David Kramer decided together that new information gathered after the election should be shared with authorities in Britain and the United States.

A McCain spokesperson declined to comment Monday on the new court document, pointing instead to a Jan. 11 statement from the veteran senator about the dossier. “Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the director of the FBI,” McCain had said then. “That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue.”

McCain let it slip…another shoe has dropped! Sorry, John, but the British Press loves “tabloid journalism” you fit the bill for numerous front page articles all over the UK. Slowly, but we are finally learning what Mr. McCain has been hiding. His legacy will never be a hero but as a corrupt politician. He has paralleled the Clinton’s. Quite a shock to the American people who admired him.

It is way past time for McCain’s chickens to come home to roost. This man has been playing fast and loose with the truth for decades and it is time for him to have to face all he has done, tried to do, and things he has said. The list is long, the harm done is great…I hope the payback is adequate!

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