McCain Responds With Pure Class After Behar Uses Barbara Bush’s Funeral As An Opportunity To Go After Trump (VIDEO)

A major moment occurred at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston when former presidents, their wives, and current first lady Melania Trump gathered to say goodbye to the former first lady Barbara Bush on Saturday. Leaving politics aside, Melania Trump, Obamas and Clintons made a historic picture at Barbara Bush’s funeral.

Unfortunately, The View’s Joy Behar used the discussion about Barbara Bush’s funeral as an opportunity to go after Trump, but Meghan McCain refused to get political.

Behar implied that America is currently being run by “con men.”

“This picture made me nostalgic for the America that I grew up in, basically where there were statesmen running the country instead of con men,” Behar said, in reference to a photo of Melania Trump with former presidents and first ladies at Barbara Bush’s funeral.

However, when the conversation turned to Meghan McCain, even though she is sometimes a critic of President Trump, she refused to turn it political.

“She was an incredible iconic first lady, and even just seeing President Bush shake the hands of everyone coming by her casket, it’s just like class all the way around, and their love story and I think that portrait, I think we can come together,” McCain stated. “I think we’re in an era right now where everything is so divisive and so angry and you know, even just like having dinner with someone who voted in a different party is a big deal right now.”
“And why do you think that is?” Behar asked.

McCain rejected the opportunity to bash Trump, responding: “I think there’s a lot of reasons for it, but focusing on the example they just showed is better.”

“I think if you’re looking at a photo, talking about the death of one of our iconic first ladies, and you’re seeing ‘drain the swamp’ and whatever, you’ve got a lot of talks with God you maybe need to have, and you’re really dark in a way that I don’t understand.”

Joy Behar mainstreams hate and ignorance. This was a very well delivered shot by McCain.

There is no reason why a person has to be so rude, crude and so unacceptable. Go take a look at old videos of Behar bashing GW Bush in ways that can only be described as hateful and divisive. Yet today she calls him a statesman….this woman needs to be taken off the air!

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Natalie D.

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