How Melania Spend Her Valentine’s Day Will Warm Your Heart! (Video)

Melania is one First Lady, who has shown us her love and compassion for children.

From day one, First Lady Melania has been about others, never about herself. She is the epitome of class. When she walks into a room, she need not say a word, all eyes are on her. People know instinctively they can trust her. She truly is an amazing woman, a model not merely to look at but from the heart.

Today The first lady visited The Children’s Inn at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland on Wednesday. She spent her afternoon with a group of children seeking treatment at the facility.

During her time at The Children’s Inn, Mrs. Trump decorated cookies with the kids and made valentines which she then exchanged with the patients.

The Children’s Inn shared a video on their Facebook page of the first lady spreading love with the children in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. A few more videos that were posted to social media captured some of the special moments as well.

The former model’s long wool coat was belted at the waist, and she kept it on throughout her visit to the Children’s Inn.

Her highlighted brown hair was styled loose around her shoulders, and she kept her jewelry simple, wearing her wedding band on one hand and another platinum and diamond ring on the other.

The children at the center sat around tables covered with pink table clothes, and the first lady happily exchanged Valentine’s Day cards with them.

At one point in the visit, Melania leaned over and gave one little girl a warm hug, squeezing her into her side.

In addition to the valentines she received, the young patients at the Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health presented her with a gift.

Melania was photographed holding up the white box, which was decorated with a multi-colored and a sweet message.

‘Happy Valentine’s Day Mrs. Trump,’ the box reads.

Melania is so beautiful, and she has a beautiful soul, demonstrating care and compassion for others. She reminds me of Princess Diana. We are so blessed to have her as our first lady. When I think of her predecessor….in comparison….there are no words.

Have so much respect and admiration for this kind and beautiful lady! Finally class is back in the White House!

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